Cathelijne Montens

(The Netherlands)

Dishoek Inventory IV: Landside / Seaside


Early ‘slaapstrandhuisjes’ (privately owned beach houses intended for summer-time dwelling) were taken apart before the winter and built up again at the start of the seaside season; this led to ingenious and lightweight solutions in their material and waste management. Many construction details, such as the zero electricity fridge (a wooden crate placed under the floor of the cabins, in the shadow, making use of the natural draft) are witnesses of the initial self-organisedsystem.


In contrast, the newly built villa neighborhood Klein Dishoek, delivered in the week of July 4 2016 on the landside of the dunes, makes use of building principles such as fixed gas, water and electricity points, large scale furniture, imported vegetation, serial architectural details, and corporateflags.


Cathelijne Montens (Design duo KCCM) explores the ways public spaces and landscapes are made by, used by, lived in, transformed and shaped by people. Its attention is directed not only to the physical forms of the built environment, but also encompasses the stories, myths, habits and gestures that suffuse it.