John Körmeling

(The Netherlands)

Veere Landscape-city


" (…) It would be the first time in The Netherlands that a city is really

a landscape-city. With this as a main idea, a huge park, with buildings in it, and roads that cross it. But where you always feel the huge space of the surrounding landscape. (…) In the tower of the Grote Kerk we saw a maquette of Veere [showing the town in 1813 at the end of the French occupation]. And I think the strength of Veere is because it’s that size. And around it is some green, or water. (…) Really, the strength of Veere is the open landscape. It’s very small, I’ve never seen such a small city. I was having a look around and I was already out before I knew. I took the bike because I thought it was big and then 'Hup, out', I turn, 'Hup, out', 'out', 'out!' (laughs) That’s the quality of Veere. Actually it’s a very strange landscape in a way because there are a lot of buildings there, that make it into a city." (Excerpt of an open conversation on quality of life in Veere on July 8, 2016)


Visual art, architecture, urban and rural planning, design: John Körmeling’s designs and realisations cannot be classified into a single realm of thought and are never stripped of humour. Architecture is something to which Körmeling gives the widest possible definition: it involves all sorts and sizes of space, starting with the space inside one’s head.