Krijn Christiaansen

(The Netherlands)

Dishoek Inventory VII: Connecting to global structures from the shore


Every day millions of liters of oil, made in China toys, sand and ship personnel navigate close by the coast of Dishoek at the mouth of the Westerschelde delta before overloading their freight on anonymous harbors. Let’s imagine that the municipality of Veere would introduce a new color code for the typical beach houses lined up along the dunes – let’s say the colors of oil tanker SERAFINA. Visitors would be able to communicate with the sea-going vessels at the bay watch cabin, and see the faring contents on a real time X-Ray scanner (like customs use at airports for luggage check). Dishoek as a window on the world.


Krijn Christiaansen (Design duo KCCM) explores the ways public spaces and landscapes are made by, used by, lived in, transformed and shaped by people. Its attention is directed not only to the physical forms of the built environment, but also encompasses the stories, myths, habits and gestures that suffuse it.